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convergent journalism paper - Brittany Klontz December 1,...

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Brittany Klontz December 1, 2007 Professor Brosemer Paper Two Convergent Journalism Not everyone may know this, but a new term is being used to describe today’s media. In fact, this term defines the revolution of journalism itself. Experts everywhere are saying that this new form of media will forever change the way information is collected and the way news is disseminated. It will also affect the content of news and even the newsroom itself. This new phrase for journalism, which many journalists fear, is convergent journalism. Convergent journalism is living proof that the history of media has come a long way. This new form of media will open up so many new doors in the future and allows so many opportunities for the media to continue growing. If this growing process continues, one can only imagine what the future of the media will be like in 20 years. Convergent journalism is the key to the future of media, opening many new doors and endless possibilities. The history of media dates back all the way to 1731 when the first modern magazine called The Gentlemen’s Magazine was published in England. Then the newspaper came
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along in 1880 called The Boston News-Letter . It was the first newspaper that was continuously published and was a major stepping stone for the world of journalism. The
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convergent journalism paper - Brittany Klontz December 1,...

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