ADMN 703 Syllabus

capabilities analysis 30pts phase iii market

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Unformatted text preview: eliverables, Evaluation, and Grading: Please pay attention to the due dates and times. All deliverables are to be submitted electronically using Blackboard by the beginning of your respective section. Deliverables will lose one full letter grade for each 24 hours (or portion thereof) that the assignment is late. This means that if your deliverable is due at 2:10 pm on Tuesday and you turn it in after 2:10 pm Tuesday and before 2:10 pm Wednesday, an “A” becomes a “B”. I expect you to raise any questions about grades on exams or deliverables during regularly scheduled office hours (or by making an appointment) within one week of receiving the grade. Grades will not be changed after more than one week has passed from the posting date. There will be no “extra credit” assignments offered or accepted. There are eight c...
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