ADMN 703 Syllabus

4 draft reviews reviewing draft deliverables

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Unformatted text preview: and essay questions. 3. Strategy Formulation Exam (60 pts): On April 15th, we will have a second in- class exam. This will cover all materials starting from the first test and will focus on strategy formulation and the application of strategic management concepts. This exam will be shorter but have a similar overall format. 3 4. Team Project (30 pts per phase, 40 pts for final draft, 70 pts project participation/contribution): The centerpiece of the course is a comprehensive, well- reasoned, empirically- grounded strategic plan for an existing organization. You will learn that the success of an organizations is determined by its capabilities and resources, the nature of the industry in which it competes, its position within the industry, its interactions with rivals, key demographic trends and the way it is organized and managed. You will develop the content of this plan over 6 phases in 5 or 6 person teams, eac...
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