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These are as follows professionalism the predominant

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Unformatted text preview: be accessed directly from Blackboard or from the Dimon Library. These are referred to as “BB” in the course schedule Course Expectations: ADMN 703 is designed to be fast- paced and rigorous. Sometimes the material will be new and difficult while at other times it may be a refresher of concepts you have addressed in your other classes at the Paul College. The key to being successful in this class is to keep up with the material and make sure you constantly ask yourself how the topics can be integrated into a coherent view of strategic management. 1 As a future manager, I have some clear expectations about professionalism, accountability, personal contributions to learning, and classroom behavior. These are as follows: Professionalism: The predominant classroom activity will be the discussion and analysis of the frameworks presented in the readings, supplem...
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