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ADMN 703 Syllabus

Write up see instructions case nike readings smcc

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Unformatted text preview: “Review Submission History” feature on Blackboard. It is your responsibility to upload the correct file by the appropriate deadline. 4 Draft Reviews: Reviewing draft deliverables is something I am happy to do. Such informal reviews are commonplace with professional deliverables and can help with anything from feeling “stuck” to being overwhelmed by too much information to refining a near- finished product. The grounds rules for draft reviews are: §༊ Reviews must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to the deliverable deadline and take place in person during normal business hours (9am – 5pm M- F) §༊ Documents to be reviewed must be emailed to me 24 hours prior to appointments §༊ Time for draft reviews is limited and available on a first- to- schedule basis §༊ The draft to be reviewed should be reasonably complete with clearly identify areas in need of feedback and guidance §༊ I review drafts to help provide targeted project- specific guidance and “hands- on” help for the challenging deliverables in this course. However, draft reviews do not guarantee a particular grade for a given deliverable and do not supersede the project guidelines posted on Blackboard Learning Disabilities: If you have a documented disability and need accommodations in this course, please make arrangements to meet with me as soon as possible. Do not wait until the day an assignment is due or the day of a test; bring me a letter from D...
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