ADMN 703 Syllabus

ADMN 703 Syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: attractiveness §༊ Evaluate organizations using specific analytical techniques and frameworks §༊ Understand how to compare and choose among strategic alternatives §༊ Leverage empirical data sources to inform strategic decision- making Course Materials: The required materials for ADMN 703 include: 1. Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases by Rank T. Rothaermel (2012, ISBN 0078112737 or 0077497716). Be sure to buy the version of this text that includes the cases (i.e Do not buy the text titled Strategic Management: Concepts) The book is available in the Bookstore as well as online. This is referred to as “SMC&C” in the course schedule. 2. Electronically Accessible Readings are listed on the detailed course schedule under the title “Blackboard”. They can...
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