ADMN 703 Syllabus

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Unformatted text preview: ys) and your ability to follow business writing conventions such as single- spacing, active voice, previewing conclusions, and creating high- skim value via bullets and headers, appropriate use of graphics/tables/charts, etc. Grades will be rounded to the nearest whole percent (e.g. an 82.4% is a B- , an 82.6% is a B) and will be based on the following scale, although I retain the right to amend this scale for the student’s benefit: Letter Grade Raw Score % Letter Grade Raw Score % A 100- 93 C 76- 73 A- 92- 90 C- 72- 70 B+ 89- 87 D+ 69- 67 B 86- 83 D 66- 63 B- 82- 80 D- 62- 60 C+ 79- 77 F <60 Course Policies Deliverable Turn In Procedure: In an effort to reduce waste, save time and help you adjust to increasingly “paperless” workplaces, all deliverables (both individual and team) will be submitted through Blackboard. Follow these three steps for each deliverable: §༊ Follow the link on Blackboard for each assignment §༊ Use the “upload assignment” function on Blackboard to attach a .doc or .pdf file containing your work. §༊ Verify that the assignment uploads correctly by using the...
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