Com if you have any questions about the event to view

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Unformatted text preview: idesurfshop.com if you have any questions about the event! To view more details visit the event page on Facebook, directions are available here as well. Health Benefits of Surfing: Cardiovascular and heart health Muscle Tone Endurance Increased Energy Back Core Shoulders Legs Generated by: Jukeboxprint.com Cannon Beach-(Indian Beach) Fold Mark Fold Mark Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) Inside Left Inside Middle Interesting Facts Inside Right Works Cited Ideal Surf Spots Works Cited know it is safe. Surf where you If it is your first time surfing I would Advise not to go alone for multiple reasons. If you do not know where to surf around the oregon coast look on google or refer back to the places i suggested earlier. All these spots are gorgeous and local free. These spots are also close enough to Seaside, Oregon where if you have any problems with locals you can always contact us. Surfs up Created by Josh Wills Generated by: Jukeboxprint.com 1)The first official surf contest took place "The Surfing Handbo...
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