Warm water moves to the east x elevates sea surface

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Unformatted text preview: ing 3-5 months taking Non El Niño El Niño Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Circulation Non El Niño El Niño Ocean’s Response to the SO Ocean’s x Warm water moves to the east x Elevates sea surface temperatures Elevates (SSTs) in Eastern Pacific (SSTs) x Upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water Upwelling reduced reduced x Reduces available nutrients x Kills fish and sea birds - especially Kills bad off Peru bad Animations Animations http://esminfo.prenhall.com/science/geoanimations/animations/26_NinoNina.html El Niño detected from space: Part I Dec 1996: Normal Warm pool Dec 1997: El Niño. Warm water extends far toward S. America Warm Water Anomaly for Dec. 1997. Amount of temperature increase above normal. El Niño detected from space: Part II Warm water in eastern Pacific makes sea level higher there Can be detected from space! low sea level = cold high sea level = warm http://sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/science/enso97/el_nino_1 http://sealevel.jpl.nasa.gov/science/enso97/el_nino_1997.html Ocean AND Atmosphere Ocean x El El Niño is both an oceanic and an atmospheric phenomenon atmospheric – Often called ENSO x Scientists Scientists knew of SO from wind and precip. data precip. x Scientists knew of El Niño from SST Scientists El SST data data x Didn’t make connection until 1969 Jacob Bjerknes J...
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