Part of big climate ocean engine engine x effects of

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Unformatted text preview: acob x Jacob Jacob Bjerknes, a Norwegian meteorologist made breakthrough breakthrough in 1969 x Combined wind, rain, AND SST data x Ocean & atm. part of “big climate Ocean engine” engine” x Effects of ENSO not just local to Peru Effects but could affect whole Pacific, whole world world Interdisciplinarity Rules! Interdisciplinarity x Bjerknes Bjerknes was a meterologist who was willing to take a good, hard look at oceanographic data at x Oceanography a versatile science How Do We Track El Niño Today? How x in situ (on site) measurements x Satellite sea surface temperature x Computer models Autonomous Temperature Line Acquisition System Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere TAO = Tropical Atmosphere Ocean Global impacts from El Niño Loss of rain in Central Pacific => drought, fires in Australia. Flooding in Peru, US Gulf coast. Drought in Southern Africa => crop failure, sometimes famine Sea-surface temperature and vegetation anomalies Biological Effects Biological x Displacement of native species P. Colla – red (tuna) crab. Na...
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