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Strong tuna catch off oregon reduced nutrients cause

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Unformatted text preview: tive to Baja, often found beached red in Southern California during ENSO in – large pelagics often found north of usual grounds 3 3 x marlin off Washington state! strong tuna catch off Oregon Reduced nutrients cause die-offs up the food Reduced chain chain – anchovetta – massive sea-bird die-offs 3 x estimated 85% loss in Peru, 1983 Enhanced disease process – bacterial sea star “wasting disease” According to NASA, the damage from the 1982-83 El Nino resulted in economic losses of more than $8 billion ($1.5 billion in US alone). Such large economic consequences explain why a system like the Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) array is supported, even though it’s expensive. La Niña La Tradewinds get stronger Tradewinds stronger x SSTs are lowered in SE Pacific x Normal conditions are exaggerated x – Dry areas get drier (drought) – Wet areas get wetter (floods) x Occurs in between El Niños INDEX = • Air temperature • Sea surface temp • Surface winds • Cloudiness of sky • Sea level pressure ENSO Cycle: Recent Evolution, Current Status and Predictions Update prepared by Climate Prediction Center / NCEP 4 April 2013 http://www.cpc.noaa.gov/products/analy...
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