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english exam - The Appointment in Samarra W Somerset...

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The Appointment in Samarra W. Somerset Maugham Death (the narrator),the servant, and the merchant Independence Chuang Tzu: one of the great philosophers of the Chou period in China. Believed that individuals should transcend their desire for success and wealth, as well as their fear of failure and poverty. True freedom came from escaping the distractions of worldly affairs. Praised for combination of humor and wisdom. Translated by Herbert Giles Chuang Chou, the Prince of Ch’u, Answers the CHu dynastys question by comparing himself to the prince’s tortoise remains and says that he too, would rather be wagging his tail in the mud. This story is a parable……….plot is realistic and plot presents their morals Implicitly, and their meanings can be open to several interpretations. Godfather Death Translated by Dana Gioia. Written by Jakob and Wilhelm Grim: wrote stories such as Hansel and Gretel, snow white and the seven dwarfs, little red riding hood. A poor man was about to have his 13 th child. He asked people to be their godfather. Good lord god: “you give to the rich and let the poor starve” Devil: “you trick men and leave them astray”….offered him gold and all the joys of this world. Death: “you take the rich and the poor without distinction. You will be the godfather” Father, son, king, princess…….lack detail. Tale
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A & P John Updike: writer of fiction, Sammy, Queeny, Stokesie, and Lengel. Everyday Use Alice Walker: Lost the sight of one eye. Maggie, Dee (Wangero), Asalamalakim, mama Maggie-shy, afraid, burn scars. Dee-confident. Strong willed, Static character: Maggie Dynamic: Dee A Rose for Emily William Faulkner: short story: writes about how difficult it is to go back to southern roots. Divided into 5 parts, he shifts the plot and narration.
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english exam - The Appointment in Samarra W Somerset...

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