FE445 Homework 03 Solutions

A up right b up left c down right d down left 2 asset

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Unformatted text preview: xis). A. up, right B. up, left C. down, right D. down, left 2. Asset A has an expected return of 15% and a reward-to-variability ratio of .4. Asset B has an expected return of 20% and a reward-to-variability ratio of .3. A risk-averse investor would prefer a portfolio using the risk-free asset and ______. A. asset A B. asset B C. no risky asset D. can't tell from the data given 3. An investor's degree of risk aversion will determine his or her ______. A. optimal risky portfolio B. risk-free rate C. optimal mix of the risk-free asset and risky ass...
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