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Faults and folds Geo202 lab

Faults and folds Geo202 lab - Danielle Nihiser Faults Folds...

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Danielle Nihiser Faults, Folds, and Fractures Lab 1. Golden Gate Canyon a. There are 3 different fracture sets located in the rock. b. Dip: 50˚ WSW 2 nd Set Dip: 80˚ N 3 rd Set- Dip: 70˚ENE Strike: 350˚ NNW Strike: NE Strike: 350˚ NNW c. The face that was facing towards us is the most dominant set because the entire face was displayed. d. Open fractures- allowing more cracking in the rocks, and permitting water to enter fractures and increasing mechanical weathering Redox: the outer most layer is more reddish e. Looking at an aerial photo, fracture sets are identified by linear vegetation growth, large zones of fracturing and distinct layers in the rock beds. 2. I-70 Roadcut a. Strike: 350˚ NNW Dip: 25˚ E b. Oldest units are to the west of where we are standing. c. The type of folding is an anticline because the older rock is on the outside. d. The shale crumbles and the sandstone severely fractures because shale experienced more of the stress when folding occurred. e. Moving to the west, the rock is going to fracture more due to increased stress from
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