Berthoud Pass Field Trip

Berthoud Pass Field Trip - combine to form a rack fall...

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Berthoud Pass Field Trip: Assignment 1. The formation of glaciers in the Rocky Mountains has modified the landscape significantly. One feature of glaciation is the u-shape valleys. The most obvious characteristic of u-shaped valleys are the steep slopes that indicates when the glacier came by it carved out all of existing sediment and transported it. The transfer of sediment is noted in the areas of previous moraines. The range in size of sediment includes silt all the way up to large boulders. However not all of the sediment is carried away by the glacier, drop stones can be seen everywhere because they do not exactly fit into the environment that they were placed in. Nevertheless, at the top of each u-shaped valley are deep spoon shape cuts that succeeded the formation of ice. These cuts are remnants of cirques. There are several current problems that have resulted from glaciation. First off, steeper slopes due to cirques increase the possible of continuous avalanches; this is a result of the lack of mature vegetation, like pine trees. The steeper slopes and glacial till
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Unformatted text preview: combine to form a rack fall hazard. Although this is a problem in most alpine environments, the till and moraine provide more debris to fall. Alpine glaciation is responsible for the rugged peaks and majestic beauty the Rocky’s are known for. Cirques have made it possible for the ski resorts to attract Texans, while creating a limitless source of ravel in the moraine deposits. 2. Top Ten Ways to Recognize Glacial Moraines 1. Paul Santi standing and arm waving. 2. Lots of Mines students playing frogger to look at polished rocks. 3. Random boulders in areas where no boulders should be 4. Assortment of gravel ranging in size from clays to boulders 5. Rounded boulders 6. Parallel to glacial path 7. At the end of glacial path is a wall of rock and junk 8. Conglomerate like material where no stream has flown 9. Unable to find any striations on polished bedrock 10. Mounds of sediment form two colliding moraines...
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Berthoud Pass Field Trip - combine to form a rack fall...

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