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Human Systems paper

Human Systems paper - An individual's identity plays a...

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An individual’s identity plays a critical role in how they interact with each other. Nevertheless, this idea goes beyond just an individual but the identity of an entire nation and their relationship with rest of the world. Over the past century the Muslim community has struggled to develop their own unique identity during the growth of a free and democratic global community. Identity and Violence and The Future of Freedom , respectively by Amartya Sen and Fareed Zakaria, collectively describe the challenge of creating a free and democratic Arab society by taking a closer look at the challenges, the development and the future. Of the past 50 years of trying to modernize the Arab world, each time has proved fruitless. Democratic ideas, for the most part, threatened moral absolutism, a concept of all or nothing in the political sense. As a result, the government became more oppressive, crushing any hopes of democracy. Disillusioned and out of hope, people turned to something that they felt most comfortable with – religion. Lacking the European
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