Since we are given both the initial velocity 0 and

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Unformatted text preview: e the acceleration of our train must be found. Since we are given both the initial velocity, 0, and the velocity after a known distance we can use the equation: 2 2 vf − vi = 2a1 ∆x ￿ ￿2 4 45 miles (3.5miles) hr x= ￿ miles ￿2 60 hr ￿2 ￿ 45 miles hr x = 14miles 60 miles hr ￿ ￿2 3 x = 14miles 4 ￿￿ 9 x = 14 miles 16 x = 7.875miles Considering significant figures: x = 7.9miles. Our units have been checked above, and this seems like a reasonable answer. Quickly calculating the time this...
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