Using the freight train x2 v2 t 4v2 x x2 v2 2 v1f 2

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Unformatted text preview: nd the distance traveled, this can be substituted into the original distance equations. Using the freight train: x2 = v2 t 4v2 ∆x x2 = v2 2 v1f 2 4v2 ∆x x2 = 2 v1f This should be the same if we use the position equation for our train: x1 = 12 a1 t 2 2 1 v1f x1 = 2 2∆x ￿ 4v2 ∆x 2 v1f ￿2 2 x1 = 22 16v1f v2 (∆x) 4 4v1f ∆x x1 = 2 4v2 ∆x 2 v1f . Substituting in our known values: ∆x = 3.5miles miles v2 = 45 hr miles v1f = 60 hr...
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