EECS 384 Old Exam Final

10 2 points on the axes below draw the electric field

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Unformatted text preview: ­type side, and xp for the depletion edge on the p ­side. (Put a negative sign in front of whichever position is left of zero.) #9: (1 point) If the position x = 0 above represents the step junction between p ­type and n ­type, which is greater: the acceptor doping or the donor doping? #10: (2 points) On the axes below, draw the electric field E (x) as a function of position x. Indicate to scale the same positions xn and xp with appropriate sign as above to designate the depletion zone edges. Designate the maximum electric field as E0 and indicate the position where this maximum field occurs. E(x ) 0 x #11: (5 points) Indicate which 5 phenomena on the right are defined according to the 4 relations on the left: ______ DeBroglie relation A. Statistical thermodynamics ______ Einstein relation B. Direct gap re...
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