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EECS 384 Old Exam Final

4 1 point list which points a b andor c have

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Unformatted text preview: current density? #3: (1 point) At point C, is the flux of holes due to diffusion to the right, to the left, or equal to zero? #4: (1 point) List which point(s) (A, B, and/or C) have a drift current density due to electrons to the right. (Questions #5 ­10) The questions below concern the band diagram of the following p ­n junction under bias. Quasi ­Fermi energies are indicated in the charge neutral regions with dashed lines. Ec Ev 0 x #5: (1 point) Is the p terminal to the left or to the right? #6: (1 point) Is the junction forward or reverse biased? #7: (1 point) Draw with a vertical arrow ↕ the exact energy scale qV on the above diagram, where V is the applied bias. #8: (1 point) On the axes above, draw vertical lines at the depletion zone edges, and label the position xn for the depletion edge on the n...
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