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EECS 384 Old Exam Final

Crystal momentum definition j phonon

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Unformatted text preview: combination ______ Heisenberg relation C. Trap assisted recombination ______ Maxwell ­Boltzmann distribution function D. Auger recombination ______ Bloch equation E. Diffusion constants F. Wavelength of a particle in motion G. Junction field effect transistor currents H. Momentum uncertainty I. Crystal momentum definition J. Phonon emission #14: (2 points) Two p ­type silicon semiconductors are joined together to form a p+ ­p step junction, with heavier doping p+ on the left, and lighter doping p on the right. If the heavy doping is exactly e = 2.718 times greater than the light doping, what is the magnitude of the built ­in voltage across this junction? #15: (1 point) In the absence of an applied electric field, the average distance that a charge carrier will travel before it recombi...
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