EECS 384 Old Exam Final

Please answer the questions below according to this

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Unformatted text preview: nes is called what? #16: (1 point) Does a reverse biased p ­n junction induce recombination or generation in the depletion region? #17: (4 points) A short ­cathode, short ­anode p ­n diode is fabricated. Circle all of the following parameters which will strongly affect the reverse saturation current of this diode: a) the minority hole diffusion length b) the anode width c) the mobility of the minority electrons d) the minority electron recombination lifetime A hole (○) is in the valence band of the dispersion, shown below. Please answer the questions below according to this diagram. E k #18 (1 point) In the conduction band dispersion, draw an electron as a filled circle (•) so that it has the same velocity as the hole in the valence dispersion. #19 (1 point) If the momentum of the hole is kh and the momentum of the electron is ke, which is true: a) |kh| < |ke| b) |kh| = |ke| c) |kh| > |ke| (Questions #20 ­34) An npn silicon BJT is plotted bel...
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