Quiz Team Solutions, Part II(1)

A 1 b 3 c 0001 d cannot be determined

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Unformatted text preview: cceptor in GaAs with a hole binding energy of about 25 meV. Assume the effec8ve density of states in the valence band of GaAs is approximately 1 x 1019/cm3, and the doping density of carbon acceptors is 1 x 1016/cm3. If the probability of finding a hole in a single state of the valence band at energy EV is 1%, what is the approximate probability of finding a hole bound to a single carbon atom? A.  1 % B. 3% C. 0.001% D. cannot be determined Quiz Team SOLUTIONS, ROUND 5 ­A SHORT ANSWER: The following diagrams represent atoms displaced from their equilibrium posi8ons, marked as ver8cal lines. The unit cell is notated with the la9ce constant, a. Ver8cal lines mark reference posi8ons. a A. B. C. D. #1) Which diagram(s) represents a 1D crystal which has 6 phonon branches (punch all that apply)? B. C. D. have two atoms per unit cell, meaning 3 acous8c and 3 op8cal branches #2) Which diagram(s) represent a transverse op8cal phonon (punch all that apply)? D. #3) Which diagram(s) are associated with acous8c phonons? A. B. C. Quiz Team SOLUTIONS, ROUND 5 ­B Mul8ple Choice: #4) Which of the following represent a finite d...
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