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Unformatted text preview: eathers 50% white feathers CoDominance This is a Roan horse. If you look closely, you can see he has two distinct colors of hair – reddish and white. CoDominance Make a Punnett Square showing the parental genotypes of the Roan Horse. Use R for red and W for white Remember: CoDominance – Both alleles Expressed Multiple Alleles Multiple Alleles *Remember that each individual has 2 alleles for each trait. **BUT – there can be more than 2 types of alleles in a population ­ This is usually the result of a mutation Mutation: ANY change in DNA Multiple Alleles Multiple Alleles Example: Rabbit Coat Color C enzyme for pigment – fully dominant over all Cch chinchilla color (grayish white) dominant to himalayan and albino Ch himalayan color – white with some color dominant to albino c no enzyme – albino – recessive to all cc ChCh or Chc CchCch or CchCh or Cchc Multiple Alleles Multiple Alleles Each individual can only have 2 alleles for a gene BUT, more than 2 types of alleles may be p...
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