The newly synthesized strand newly dna replication

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Unformatted text preview: LICATION ENZYMES Helicase unwinds/uncoils DNA DNA polymerase synthesizes new nucleotides DNA and help with adding them to the growing chain and Keeps replication accurate by “proofreading” Keeps new strands and fixing errors new DNA ligase also joins nucleotides together and DNA from the Okazaki fragments from Also keeps replication accurate by fixing errors • http://www.mcb.harvard.edu/Losick/images/Tr http://www.mcb.harvard.edu/Losick/images/T RNA RNA Three types mRNA - messenger RNA tRNA - transfer RNA rRNA - ribosomal RNA COMPARE DNA 2 RNA 1 Thymine Uracil SUGAR Deoxyribose Ribose TYPES 1 3 STRANDS BASE chromosome structure DNA Structure – YouTube DNA Replication Process - YouTube...
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