1021 ripper transverse type roadheaders cutter heads

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Unformatted text preview: udinal (Auger) type Borer type. 10.2.1 RIPPER (TRANSVERSE) TYPE ROADHEADERS – (CUTTER HEADS WITH ROTATION PERPENDICULAR TO THE BOOM AXIS) In ripper type the full weight of the machine acts as the counter reaction for the cutter head. The rock is ripped off the face and thrown on the gathering head. Miner shown in figure 10.3 utilizes the weight of machine as the reaction force for cutting in a better way than the milling type of roadheaders, and no bracing jacks ‘stells’ are required.3 These machines have 20–35% lower weight (which means lower price) than boom type roadheaders of equivalent capacity. In USA 75% of the road headers are of ripper type.3 Ripper type roadheaders can be further classified as: Bar & Disc types (fig. 10.2(a) & (b)). Bar type Its cutting element consists of a ripper bar, or cutting head that tears the coal/rock from the face. The cut rock/coal is carried by the moving chains and discharged into an intermediate conveyor. The rock/coal that falls on the floor is pick...
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