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1043 these headers rip the rock from face and throw

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Unformatted text preview: oth sidewalls (ribs) and the roof to stabilize the roadheader (fig. 10.4).3 These headers rip the rock from face and throw it side ways on the floor. These headers have small diameters than ripper heads and better suited for the selective mining of thin ore bands or lenses of high grade. At present the roadheaders with inter changeable cutter heads either ripper or milling (auger) are available. In UK3,4 65% of the roadheaders are of milling type. A two-boom milling type roadheader is also available. In some designs it has a very distinct feature that its heads are exchangeable with ripper type heads. The two systems (fig. 10.1) could be compared5 as outlined below: ● Ripping (transverse) cutter heads cut in the direction of face, and therefore, they are more stable than milling heads of the same weight and power. They are less affected by changing rock conditions including hard rocks or bands, if encountered. This © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 242 SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND EXCAVA...
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