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5 all modern roadheaders utilize the gathering arm

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Unformatted text preview: of available power.5 All modern roadheaders utilize the gathering arm loading system and chain conveyor in the center of the machine. The other loading mechanisms that are in use are spinner loader and swinging loading beams. These roadheaders are mounted on the crawler track assembly, tramming at the speed exceeding 15 m/min.5 Roadheaders employed in rock cutting use conical self-sharpening picks. This equipment can handle small boulders by breaking them loose from their matrix and picking them up with the muck. Large boulders are difficult to handle in two respects (Asche & Cooper, 2002): (i) picks can break when they suddenly strike a large boulder, and (ii) the muck handling system is usually unable to deal with large boulders and can get jammed. Figure 10.1 (c) presents a light duty and small sized roadheader manufactures by Paurat, Germany;8 the same company also manufactures the large and medium sized roadheaders. 10.2 CLASSIFICATION BOOM MOUNTED ROADHEADERS Based on the cutting principle employed, the roadheaders, or continuous miners can be classified3 as listed below: ● ● ● Ripper or Transverse type: Bar and Disk Milling or longit...
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