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9 a soft ground excavation with standard bucket b

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Unformatted text preview: g” cutter head (i) Transverse (T) “ripper” cutter head Quick coupler Loading apron (gathering head) Chain conveyor 360° Rotation (b) Figure 10.9 (a): Soft Ground Excavation with Standard Bucket. (b): Excavator with attachments for multiple tasks. 6. Grout and Cement Injector. In exceptional cases, grout and cement can be injected in the ground. 7. Breasting Plate. In an emergency the robotic boom can be used to press a breasting plate against the face thus closing the open tunneling machine. 8. Man Basket. The robotic boom can be equipped with a basket. 9. Crane. The robotic boom can be converted into a crane and tool carrier. Introduction of quick-change couplers takes less than a minute (as claimed by the manufacturers) to change from a bucket to a hammer or a cutter head, and the excavator’s operator does not have to leave the cab. Some prominent tunnels in Europe have used this equipment. 10.14.1 EXCAVATOR MOUNTED WITHIN A SHIELD The excavator contains a powerful hoe, a pick, or combination tool within a shield (fig. 10.10...
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