For excavation of wide tunnels and stations the

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Unformatted text preview: l excavator because these popular machines are already required for site preparation and construction of tunnel portals. Furthermore, excavators are widely available at reasonable lease rates. For excavation of wide tunnels and stations, the excavator-mounted cutter boom excavates the face on one side and the muck is stored on the floor. Then the machine moves to the other side and mines (workout) the face. REFERENCES 1. Friant, James, E. and Ozdemir, Levent.: Tunnel boring technology – present and future. In: Proc. RETC, AIME, 1993, pp. 869–88. 2. Handwith, H.J. and Dahmen, N.J.: Tunnelling machines. In: Underground Mining Methods Handbook, W.A. Hustrulid (edt.) SME-AIME, New York, 1982, pp. 1107–10. 3. Kogelmann, W.J. and Schenck, G.K.: Recent North American advances in boom-type tunneling machines. In: Tunneling’82, IMM Publication, Michael, J.J. Jones (Edt.), 1982, pp. 205–210. 4. Kogelmann, W.J.: Roadheader application and selection criteria; Alpine Equip. Corpo. State Col...
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