It is possible to implement widely differing tunnel

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Unformatted text preview: have been developed. The shields with partial face excavation could achieve admirable tunnelling performance in a wide variety of geological conditions. It is possible to implement widely differing tunnel profiles with these machines. The shields with partial-face excavation can be controlled directly. Additional advantages include: ● ● ● ● simple handling variable deployment opportunities uncomplicated installation economical method of operation. 10.14.2 EXCAVATOR-MOUNTED CUTTER BOOMS (PARTIAL FACE MACHINES FOR NATM) Excavator-Mounted Cutter Booms developed by Alpine Equipment Corporation (AEC Alpine), augment the flexibility and cost–effectiveness ($ Per m3 of excavation) of NATM.10 As NATM prevails over heavy and expensive ground support, these innovative machines are more flexible and cost–effective than heavy and expensive NATM roadheaders. The cutter boom, which is mounted on the excavator (hoe or shovel) covers wider range of excavation.10 It can excavate deep trenches and pits and cut cross–sections of any shape and size. Tun...
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