J the selection and application of roadheaders for

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Unformatted text preview: lege, PA, 1988. 5. Matti, H.: Rock excavation Handbook. Sandvik – Tamrock, 1999, pp. 254–272. © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC 252 SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND EXCAVATIONS 6. McFeat Smith, I. and Fowell, R.J.: The selection and application of roadheaders for rock tunneling. In: Proc. RETC, AIME, Atlanta, 1979, pp. 261–79. 7. Morris, A.H.: Practical results of cutting harder rocks with picks in United Kingdom coal mine tunnels. In: Tunneling’85, IMM, M.J. Jones (Edt.), 1985, pp. 173–77. 8. Paurat – leaf lets. 9. Pokrovsky, N.M.: Driving horizontal workings and tunnels. Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1988, pp. 239. 10. Randy, F; George, H.K. and Ignacy Puszkiewicz, Two firsts in tunneling in Canada: Proc. RETC, AIME, 1993, pp. 273–93. 11. Sandtner, A. and Gehring, K.H.: Development of roadheading equipment for tunneling by NATM. In: Tunneling’88, IMM Publication, 1988, pp. 275–88. 12. Singh, J.: Heavy Constructions – Planning, Equipment and Methods. Oxford & IBH Pub. New Delhi, 1993, pp. 531. 13. Whittaker, B.N. and Frith, R.C.: Tunneling – Design, Stability and Construction. IMM Publication; 1990. pp. 141–45. © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC...
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