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Unformatted text preview: MULTIPLE TOOL MINER (MTM) ATTACHMENTS During last decade this has been considered as a dramatic revolution in the tunneling industry. The MTM is the Swiss Army Knife of Construction equipment. It provides three machines for the price of one. The ALPINE Multi-Tool Miner (MTM) system includes the following attachments: 1. Cutter Head (milling as well as transverse (ripper)). For excavating of soft and medium hard and abrasive rocks. 2. Hydraulic Hammer. For breaking of large and hard boulders and for excavation of extremely hard seams and intrusions. 3. Bucket and Clay-Spade. For excavation and mucking out of soft soil. 4. Drill Mast and Roof Bolter. For drilling of exploratory holes ahead of the tunneling machine and for installation of rock bolts in exceptional conditions/circumstances. 5. Shotcrete Manipulator. The boom can be equipped with a shotcreting nozzle. © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC TUNNELING BY ROADHEADERS AND IMPACT HAMMERS 249 Conveyor Loading apron (a) Cutter head for soft and medium hard rock Hydraulic hammer (HH) for hard and abrasive rock Excavator bucket (EB) “clay spade” for soil In-line “millin...
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