The cutting head consists of five to seven cutting

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Unformatted text preview: ed by gathering arms and loaded on the conveyor. The cutting head consists of five to seven cutting chains with picks which runs in guides all around the ripper bar (fig. 10.2(a)). The ripper bar is hinged at the rear end, which permits the front end to raise or lower. The chains are driven by electric motors. The whole unit i.e. the cutting chains, the motors and the conveyors can be telescoped forward to cut the rock/coal. To give a cut, the machine is positioned in the center of the face with cutting head retracted. The machine’s cutting head is swung to one side of the face and lowered down to the floor. With the chain in motion the ripper bar is hydraulically pushed © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC TUNNELING BY ROADHEADERS AND IMPACT HAMMERS 241 forward in the rock/coal (usually 460 mm). After it has been fully advanced the ripper bar is gradually raised until it reaches up to the roof and this completes one strip. With a meter wide ripper bar, five such slices are required to complete a 5 m wide gallery (tunnel). After...
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