The machine usually incorporates gathering arms and a

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Unformatted text preview: under its own power. The machine usually incorporates gathering arms and a conveyor system to move the material cut from the face to a loading point at the rear of the machine. From this point, the muck may be handled by variety of Methods available; and that includes shuttle trains, conveyors, or trucks. Roadheader cutting boom is usually mounted on crawler track but increasingly the booms are being mounted on other machines such as: hydraulic breakers, trucks, traveling gentries and inside the shields. Modern roadheaders are equipped with electronic/hydraulic-controlled systems linked to microprocessor-based guidance and profile control systems.4,5 (This is © 2005 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC TUNNELING BY ROADHEADERS AND IMPACT HAMMERS 239 Ripper head Face Approx. 80% of cuttings are thrown to the gathering head Figure 10.3 Ripper or transverse type roadheader. Side wall rib Bracing jacks (side stells) Milling head (radial auger) Face Milling (augur) type boom miner: machine stabilization and loading cycle Roadheader cannot be stabilized in wide entries and tunnels because of too short reach of bracing jackside (side stells) Cutting (muck) are thrown sideways on floor and must be picked up in unproductive additional loading...
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