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Unformatted text preview: TIONS ● feature enables them to be used for wider range of applications. These cutter heads always cause certain over-break regardless of machine position. Milling (longitudinal) heads has lower cutting speeds, which result into lower pick consumption. Pick array on these heads is easier because both cutting and slewing motions go in the same direction. 10.3.1 BORER TYPE ROADHEADERS These types of roadheaders have been designed to cut the core of coal from the face by boring large diameter holes. A large amount of coal is obtained without being actually cut, therefore, the proportion of large sized coal is high. Numbers of designs of this type of headers are available with a variation in the design of cutting heads. In the roadheader manufactured by one of the Companies, the machine consists of two rotors and a cutting chain as the cutting element. Each rotor has a central core barrel and two or three cutting arms, laced with picks, make two, three or more concentric kerfs in the face and the central core breaks the core of coal barrel. The relative position of cutting arms can be altered or in some designs one or more of them can be eliminated to suit...
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