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Jolly Roger World Civ. 1 David Rayson 2 March 2008 Document Summary: Great Wall The movie watched in class about the Great Wall of China goes in depth on the creation and development of the vast wall that many people know very little about. To this day people still don’t understand why the wall was built, there are speculations on its construction but the main philosophy behind it was protection. The protection I speak of is not from warring states or other people, but spirits. Ancient Chinese civilizations believed that evil spirits traveled in straight lines and you could stop those using walls, thus walls are very common in most of China. That is the first belief. Because the wall starts and stops randomly people assume that the wall was not built for protection against
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Unformatted text preview: warring nations. Also the wall was built on large ridges and on top gigantic hills proving that there is no barricade purpose behind it. To this date there are still arguments about its purposes. Things like the Great Wall are important to us today for many reasons. One of the main reasons is maintaining the past. Large monuments such as the Wall give us a great perspective of the people and cultures of past societies, without them we would know very little. Thanks to the Great Wall we can look at these people of the past and start to put the large puzzle together and help answer some of histories questions....
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