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Jolly Roger World Civ. 1 David Rayson 4 March 2008 Ramayana Written in ancient Sanskrit, Ramayana is one of India’s most widely known epic tales. Literally meaning the travels of Rama, this writing includes the Youth, Exile, Abduction, and many other stories of Rama’s life. Every year many Indian people devout to this tale follow Rama’s path in a type of pilgrimage to show their faith, proving that this may be one of the most widely known story the world knows. Summarizing this Epic series of events in three pages will not do it the justice it deserves. The book begins with the story of Rama’s birth and youth. From an early age his father Dasharatha taught his young son bowmanship and had him learning from scriptures from the sage Vasishta. The King finally had his successor and life was going as planned until one day when sage Vishwamitra came to the kingdom and asked for Rama’s help to protect the sage from demons who were making problems during his sacrifices. Eventually the king, although hesitant, allowed his son to go with under the circumstance that his other son Lakshmana went as well. On this journey Rama, his brother, and the sage encounter many demons and each one they slay without many problems, and with each demon the sage explains what they are and how they came to be. Finally they complete their journey by helping the sage finish his sacrifices and making it to the kingdom of Mithila. In Mithila the king Janaka offered his daughters hand in marriage to anyone who could bend the mighty bow of Siva. Without hesitating Rama
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took up this offer and accomplished it by not only bending the bow but breaking it. Janaka, impressed with Rama’s feat, gladly handed over his daughter and after the
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ramayanaCH - Jolly Roger World Civ 1 David Rayson 4 March...

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