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Lect09-International Financial Markets-VineyChptr15

G tax law depreciation law profitdividend

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Unformatted text preview: ms (e.g. tax law, depreciation law, profit/dividend repatriation laws). – Differing economic/capital markets (e.g. level of government regulation and stability, methods of fundraising). – Complexities of internal control (e.g. geographical spread of company divisions, differing cultures, etc.) 4 • Relevance to Australian business ? – We observe increasing global: We increasing • trade ~ exports & imports • investment & financing • competition • uncertainty – Many Australian firms conduct business across more Many than one country, and in a variety of ways. • Even ‘domestic’ firms can be influenced by international Even events and global economic forces. events – Australian international trade is reflected: • At a micro level, in company accounts e.g. profit & loss statement, balance sheet. • At a macro level, in the National Accounts e.g. Balance of Payments (current & capital accounts), strength of $AUD, etc. 5 AUD/USD Exchange Rate 2001-2011 2001-2011 6 2. Key Concepts and T...
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