A truck traveling at 100kmhr down a highway blows its

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Unformatted text preview: 100km/hr down a highway blows its horn after it passes a car traveling at 80km/hr. The driver of the car hears 250Hz. What frequency is heard by the driver of the truck? 6. A harmonic oscillator with natural period of 2.0s is placed in an environment where its motion is damped, with damping force proportional to its speed. The amplitude of the oscillation drops to 70% of its original value in 5.0s. What is the period of oscillator in the new environment? 7. The glass from a basement window is replaced by a sheet of asbestos that is 2.0cm thick and has thermal conductivity of 0.80 ⇥ 10 1 W/m K . The window is 80cm wide and 40cm high and there is no air leakage around the edges. Given that the heat loss through the surface is 0.06J/s what is the temperature di↵erential between the inside and the outside? 8. A heat engine using an ideal monatomic gas operates on the cycle shown below. If the volume V...
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