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00 f and 600 f capacitors are in series with each

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Unformatted text preview: V . (b) When the switch is closed, the points c and d must be at the same potential, so the equivalent capacitance is 1 1 1 Ceq 4.5 F . Qtotal CeqV (4.50 F)(210 V) 9.5 10 4 C , and each 13 (3.00 6.00) F (3.00 6.00) F capacitor has the same potential difference of 105 V (again, by symmetry). (c) The only way for the sum of the positive charge on one plate of C2 and the negative charge on one plate of Q3 180 C, V3 43 V Q4 180 C, V4 43 V Q5 65 V 550 C, V5 EVALUATE: 24.60. V3 V4 V2 and V1 V2 V5 220 V (apart from some small rounding error) Solu<on Q1 Q2 Q3 and Q5 Q2 Q4 IDENTIFY: Apply the rules for combining capacitors in series and in parallel. SET UP: With the switch open each pair of 3.00 F and 6.00 F capacitors are in series with each other and each pair is in parallel with the other pair. When the switch is closed each pair...
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