Find the expression for ga using signal ow graph

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Unformatted text preview: lable from the source (Pav,source /Pav,load . Find the expression for Ga using signal flow graph approach. Is Ga a function of source impedance? Is Ga a function of load impedance? (d) Under what situation will GT = Gp = Ga ? (e) Under what situation will GT = |S21 |2 ? 5. (a) Consider a common-source amplifier with its small-signal model shown below. Find its [S ] as a function of rg , Cgs , gm , ro , Cds . Verify your results with simulation using the following parameters at 1 GHz: rg = 10 ohm, Cgs = 50 fF, gm = 10 mS, ro = 1k ohm, Cds = 25 fF. (b) Find Γin if load is a 1nH inductor. Find Γout if source is a 25 ohm resistor. 2 1. Consider the common-source amplifier shown below. The source and load impedances are both 50Ω. The transistor parameters are: Cgs = 50f F , rg = 10Ω, gm = 80mS , ro = 50Ω and Cds = 30f F . rg Cgs + Vgs - gmVgs ro Cds (c) Simulate Γin from 1 - 20 GHz when the amplifier is loaded with RLC parallel RS Output tank (R = 628 ohm, L = 1nH, C = 200fF). M.N. RL (d)...
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