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Unformatted text preview: SDS is NOT true. a. SDS is used to lyse the cell and solubilize proteins b. SDS is used to interact with hydrophobic regions of insoluble proteins c. SDS is used to denature proteins d. SDS is used to add a global positive charge to proteins e. SDS is used to prepare proteins for PAGE 30. Affinity chromatography separates proteins based on: a. Their charge b. Their size c. Their polarity d. Their ligand binding e. All of the above 31. Western blot analysis is a technique used by scientists to detect proteins based on their: a. Shape b. Polarity c. Charge d. Antibody affinity e. Size 32. What is the name of the scientist who invented the microscope? a. Anton Van Leuwenhoek b. Craig Venter c. Van der Waal d. Maud Leonora Menten e. None of the above 33. Based on the following equation, which statement is true: a. The higher the wavelength the better the resolution b. The higher the n...
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