Sds is used to lyse the cell and solubilize proteins

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Unformatted text preview: ollowing statements regarding PKA and allostery is TRUE: a. Inactive PKA exists as a trimer b. The catalytic site of PKA is bound to a pseudo substrate on the regulatory subunit when inactive c. Upon binding ATP, PKA changes conformation and catalytic subunits are released d. This process is called allosteric inhibition e. ATP is the allosteric inhibitor 28. Which of the following statements is NOT correct with regards to proteolytic cleavage as a method of regulating protein function: a. It is the process of breaking the peptide bonds between amino acids in proteins b. It is used in apoptosis (programmed cell death) to change pro ­ caspases to caspases c. Cleaves zymogens, releasing active enzymes d. Is carried out by enzymes called peptidases, proteases or proteolytic cleavage enzymes e. Acts as an on off switch for enzymes 29. Which of the following statements regarding...
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