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The proteolytic core cleaves off hydrophobic acid and

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Unformatted text preview: ed protein is released into the chamber c. A conformational change occurs, exposing hydrophilic residues d. The chamber changes to a hydrophilic ‘pressure cooker’ e. The misfolded protein is recruited to the hydrophobic rim 19. Proteins need to be degraded for many reasons. Which one of the reasons given below does NOT use the ubiquitin ­mediated degradation pathway? a. Misfolded proteins b. Remove old organelle c. Damaged proteins d. Control protein levels e. Remove toxic proteins 20. Which statement regarding the proteasome is NOT correct: a. The proteolytic core cleaves off hydrophobic, acid and basic side chains b. The proteasome cap recognizes polyubiquitinated proteins c. The ubiquitin molecules are removed in an ATP dependent manner d. The polypeptide is unfolded to be thread through the core e. Small peptides are released and further degraded by cytosolic proteases 21...
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