Unique and are found in individual proteins c exhibit

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Unformatted text preview: of a sharp bend d. Its R group is a single hydrogen, minimizing steric hindrance e. Its R group contains a single sulfhydryl group which enables disulfide bonds 10. Motifs are: a. Made up of singular secondary structures b. Unique and are found in individual proteins c. Exhibit a particular 3 dimensional architecture d. Never associated with a particular function e. All of the above 11. What is the term that best describes the motif found in the following image? a. b. c. d. e. Coiled coil motif Zinc finger motif Helix ­loop ­helix motif Beta barrel motif Beta strand 12. Variant protein forms are represented with a standard format, for example, a variant of hemoglobin is represented as follows: Glu6Val (where Glu=Glutamate and V=valine). This means that glutamate has been replaced by valine at amino acid position 6. The overall effect of this change is to: a...
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