5 ethnic heritage or tradition dictated by food

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Unformatted text preview: ritage or tradition Dictated by food availability in certain geographic locations. One of the strongest influences on our eating habits/patterns a) Cultural beliefs and traditions b) Religion – established rules Ex. Rhinoceros Beetle - source of vitamin A and protein. It is a delicacy and tradition in some countries however we would not eat it in Canada. LS 2N03 – Human Nutrition for Life Sciences Certain religions have rules: what and when we should be eating D.M. Pincivero, 2013 4 6. Social interactions Many times you interact with friends and family it is usually around a meal. You dictate your relationships with people based on food. Ex. Dates - dinner = big commitment, lunch = less commitment 7. Availability, convenience, and economy Something that is good for us is usually $$$, unhealthy food is usually cheap and more available. 8. Positive and negative associations: commercial advertising Eat something, makes you sick = negative memory, you wont have that food again. Eat something and something positive happens = positive memory. You formulate memories and depending on what we are doing and associate it with foods. Commercial advertising is also very positive, Ex. Dr. Oz. 9. Emotions: comfort….instinctive for newborns • • • Comfort food: Food provides comfort during periods of psychological distress. Can be instinctive, ie. breast feeding in new borns. Food cravings Beta-endorphins (popular theory for feelings of pleasure) Give us a "high" after eating certain foods. Pica: craving for non-food items (dirt, clay)…pregnancy 10. Values Vegetarianism: some people choose it out of moral values for not killing animals. When you kill an animal for food, you fuel that sector of the economy. You contribute to more killing and global warming etc. 11. Body weight and image In the short-term it is a strong motivating factor in the long term it is not very effective. DIETS!! Diets address self image but most do not work. 12. Nutrition and health benefits Tied to education. People...
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