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People become informed on benets but it might not be

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Unformatted text preview: become informed on benefits but it might not be enough to create a change in eating habits. Tied to traumatic health events. People get "scared straight", person is engaging in destructive behaviour and some key event (ie. heart attack, stroke) happens that will have a direct threat to their way of life which causes the person to change attitudes and behaviours to improve overall health. LS 2N03 – Human Nutrition for Life Sciences D.M. Pincivero, 2013 5 SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS Global market value, 2009: US$4.6 billion (does not include sports drinks, United States largest consumer, two-thirds in world) 1) Sports drinks • Provides carbohydrates and fluid…..enhance exercise performance and recovery. • In Canada 2009, valued at $423 million When we exercise we lose water and it stays lost unless we replace it. Sport drinks replace water and the carbohydrates • Gatorade and Powerade "sugar water" that we burn. Ingesting carbs during exercise has proved to be beneficial. 2) Sports food • Typically found in a bar format • Nutrient dense and leverages the functional food proposition; that is, it provides health benefits that go beyond their nutritional value Functional food: selection of food selected for maximizing health benefits • Whey and soy are dominant ingredients • In Canada, 2009, sales at $85.4 million 3) Sports supplements Objectives • Build muscle tissue, increase energy stores/utilization, decrease body fat. Some raise metabolic rates - ephedrine Forms: • Tablets, powders, ready-to-drink Typical ingredients: • Soy protein, whey protein, creatine, L-carnitine and amino acids (does not include sports drinks) Market share: Canada, 2009: • $114 million Whey protein is much more popular than soy protein: whey is superior to soy because of its quality and digestibility. Creatine: Contributes to energy turnover of muscle cells during exercise Carnitine: Dipeptide that enables muscle cells to break not fatty acids for energy. Fatty acids = more energy dense than carbs....
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