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Unformatted text preview: ptote(s) Solve for x using the most appropriate method 2. log x 27 = 2 4. 6. ln x – 2 ln 3=0 3. 5. 2 7. log 5 log 2 8. Write the expression to determine the balance A for $1,000 invested at 5% for 1 year if it is compounded (but do not calculate!) a. (5pts) quarterly b. (5pts) continuously 9. Using properties of logarithms, condense the following: 2 log x – 3 log (x+1) but shifted two 10. Write an equation for the function described by the given chara cteristics: the shape of units to the right and six units downward. 11. 2 by completing the b. (5pts) Sketch...
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