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Mary and sue are mothers but thats what makes it fun

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Unformatted text preview: ransi<ve (verb has a direct object + verb) •  I caused [her] [to move her body] Dan Jurafsky Ambiguity is Pervasive: Phone<cs!!!!! •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  I mate or duck I’m eight or duck Eye maid; her duck Aye mate, her duck I maid her duck I’m aid her duck I mate her duck I’m ate her duck I’m ate or duck I mate or duck Dan Jurafsky Why else is natural language understanding difficult? non ­standard English segmenta<on issues Great job @jus6nbieber! Were SOO PROUD of what youve accomplished! U taught us 2 #neversaynever & you yourself should never give up either♥ the New York ­New Haven Railroad the New York ­New Haven Railroad neologisms unfriend Retweet bromance world knowledge Mary and Sue are sisters. Mary and Sue are mothers. But that’s what makes it fun! idioms dark horse get cold feet lose face throw in the towel tricky en<ty names Where is A Bug’s Life playing … Let It Be was recorded … … a muta6on on the for gene … Dan Jurafsky Making progress on this problem… •  The task is difficult! What tools do we need? •  Knowledge about language •  Knowledge about the world •  A way to combine knowledge sources •  How we generally do this: •  probabilis6c models built from language data •  P(“maison” → “house”) high •  P(“L’avocat général” → “the general avocado”) low •  Luckily, rough text features can oyen do half the job. Dan Jurafsky Models •  Finite state machines •  Markov models •  Alignment models •  Genome alignment •  Alignment of sentence in L1 to sentence in L...
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